Dual-boot on system (II)

Saturday, November 1, 2008

15. For dual-boot on system there is needed for free space on hard disk (Minimum 12 GB) , this task should be done before installation of linux.
16. Generally the three major partition is required as follow:-
(a) . root ( /) partition 5GB of free space (its better for Swap partition ) on hard disk
(b). boot partition 5GB of free space .
(c). and last but not the least Swap partition ( size:- double of RAM size ,for example if on having RAM of size 512MB then he has to provide 1GB for swap
swap partiton,root-partition,boot-partition

17. select free space >>click on new menu >> window will be open
ADD partition
Mount Point : / ( / slash stand for root)

File type : ext2

Allowable driver : ------

Size : 5000 MB (i.e 5GB)

Fixed size: ok

18. click on OK button
19. Again repeat ,click / select free space >> click new >>
20. Mount point : boot ,file type :ext2 ,size(MB) : 5000MB, fixed size