#header A ,#header A : hover {}

Friday, February 29, 2008

#header A

COLOR: #d8f400;



#header A:hover

COLOR: #d8f4CC


Let us deal with Header #Header A

i.e header anchor tag, here it is defind for

header link only having

Color(#d8f400) when we open the blog page

we will find the header in above color

the color choice may be of blogger desired

Now text-transform:none

is given which return to browser having

no underline below header Link

Now dealing with '#header A:hover

here color for hover is defind as color code '#d8f4CC'

What is A: hover?

when we keep mouse over header link

it display the link in color(#d8f4CC).

here color for hover may be choosen different

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