Use definition list in your Blog

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

A definition list is not a list of items.
This is a list of terms and explanation
of the terms. A definition list
starts with the <dl> tag. Each
definition-list term starts with the
<dt> tag. Each definition-list
definition starts with the <dd> tag.
Inside a definition-list definition
(the <dd> tag) you can put paragraphs,
line breaks, images, links, other lists, etc.

<dl> tag is used for definition list.
Between <dl> & </dl>you have to
enter list of items.

<dt> tag is used for list item terms.
Each list item is surrounded by <dt> & </dt> tag.

<dd> tag is used for the definition-list definition.

<dl> <dt> Term1 </dt> <dd> Term definition.

<dd> .......<dt> itemn </dt>....</dl>

Take An Example :
<dd>Books are the great friends.</dd>
<dd>Pen is the biggest power</dd>

Output of abobe example:


Books are the great friends.


Pen is the biggest power

So one can use definition list
in thourghout blog .