Using ordered list items for Blog

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

An ordered list is also a list of items.
The list items are marked with numbers
not with the bullets.

An unordered list starts with the
<ol> tag and end with </ol>.
list items are defined in between <ol> & </ol>.
Each list item is surrounded by the <li> & </li> tag.

<ol> tag is used for onordered list.
Between <ol> & </ol>you have to enter list of items.

<li> tag is used for list item. Each list
item is surrounded by <li> & </li> tag.

<ol> <li> item1 </li><li>
item2 </li> .......<li> itemn <li><ol>

Example :
;<li> Text Book;</li> ;<li> Note Book;</li>
<li> Pen;</li> ;<li> Pencil;</li>


  1. Text Book
  2. Note Book

  3. Pen
  4. Pencil

Thus one can use
ordered list Tag to display
ordered items on Blog anywhere
Have a look at unorderd list here

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