How to Get Rank in Google Search Engine

Thursday, August 28, 2008

How to get Rank in Google Search Engine?
Well this is very good question to all new bloggers who trying to get rank of their blog or blog pages.Truely speaking all such things is little difficult because
this is completley based on well defind complax algorithm Written to meet google's
quality contents and uniqness search criteria .Google provide uniqe and best resuls to users according to their queries macthed with billions of web pages stored into Google's database .
To comply with such comlex alogorithm there are many factor on which Google search
engine works or frankly speaking there are following some guidlines by taking into
account one can have their web pages into Google's Search Result that is used by Google's web Crawlers :-
1. Quqality Contents And Uniqness of contents
2. Should Comply with google search Algorithm .
3. Contents should be Uniqe and should not be Coriright materials.
4. Posts should have good link according to posts.
5. posts should not have broken link or unit because web crawlers also check broken link and that broken link is not crawled by crawlers.
6. Blog should have lots of Enternal and external link because this helps one's blog
or website visiblity into Google search.
7. Visiblity of website by enternal and external link also help to improve ranking
in Google search engine.
8. One can use, Which flags billions of blog Now-a-days and Feedburner is now aquired by Google.
9. These blog directories really help to visiblity in Google and ranking.
10. One should have use more text contents rather than image contents because it slowers the rate of crawling and one more thing is there that google web crawler is completely based on text crawling algorithm.
11.There are many blog directories avilable wordwide the web.
click here to see some of these

12.Add proper meta tag to your blog HTML code it really help crawlers to crawl relevent page or content by search engine.