Wednesday, February 27, 2008


BORDER-RIGHT: #95b9c7 1px solid;

BORDER-TOP: #95b9c7 1px solid;

BACKGROUND-IMAGE: url(http://photu.com/nature.jpg);

MARGIN: 0px auto 10px;

BORDER-LEFT: #95b9c7 1px solid;
WIDTH: 890px; BORDER-BOTTOM: #95b9c7 1px solid


let us deal about #header-wrapper{}

here hearder-wrapper defines the

header layout of your blog page

Now let us study of first attribute border-right: #95b9c7

1px solid;

here border are made to right-side

here defintion are made in just one line


border color one can changed as one what wish

border-width may vary from 0,1,2,3.....n px

and last border-type may be any type (Which is given below)

border-style: dashed ;

border-style: dotted ;
border-style: solid ;
border-style: double ;

border-style: inset ;
border-style: outset ;
border-style: groove ;

border-style: ridge ;

now border may be left,right,top and bottom.

let us deal about background-image:

here one can provde background image for header

for example we have taken
image Url(http://photu.com/nature.jpg)

it will depend upon blogger's choice

margin:opx auto 10px;

here margine 0px top ,auto to bottom and

10px to left and right..

one can increase or decrease the margin attribute

and last but not the least

width: 890px;

It may can be changed to any value i.e


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