Installing Fedora (IV)

Saturday, November 1, 2008

29. Boot loader operating system list (this is the place where can set which OS should be prefer while start up/ or set to OTHER option will be Windows XP)
30. 1.other : dev/sda1 (sda1 stands Drive C in Xp )
2..Fedora :/dev/sda..
Renaming other as windows Xp on edit button >> change label or other >> to windows Xp>>click OK>>Next >> NEXT
33. Checking dependency >> Next>> Auto install process started
34. This may take several minute >>
checking dependancy

35. preparing transaction from installation source
preparing transction

36. pakage will be loading>> it will take 45 minutes appx..
37. installing bootloader >> Congratulation installation complete >>Reboot >>click
38. Post installation task system will be reboot >> choose fedora>> click any key
39. welcome screen comes >>forward>>license information >> forward
40. create user at least one>> enter username and password >> click forward
41. Set date and time forward >>send hardware profile (if internet available )>>or do not send >>click finish
42. Login as user/root supplying correct password ……